UK's Ministry of Defence's definition of Human augmentation.

 .'.......the application of science and technologies to temporarily or permanently improve human performance. This field can be further divided into human performance optimisation and human performance enhancement. Human performance optimisation is the use of science and technologies that improve human performance up to the limit of biological potential without adding new capabilities. Human performance enhancement is the use of science and technologies to enhance human performance beyond the limit of biological potential and can include additional capabilities beyond those innate to humans (for example, night vision).' From:
'Exoskeleton "What is it?": The word exoskeleton comes from the Greek and includes the words "exo" (outside) and "skeletos" (desiccated body). An exoskeleton (also called a robotic suit) is the term used to describe a framework, usually mechanical and motor-assisted, that is attached to the outer body of a human and serves as a support corset for the wearer. Exoskeletons will also become more popular in the future under the heading of augmented mobility. ' From:
Augmented Reality (Goggles)
'Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS)
Mission: To rapidly deliver and sustain innovative warfighting solutions that detect, identify and provide persistent insights to enable maneuver and lethal effects on enemy forces.
IVAS integrates next-generation 24/7 situational awareness tools and high-resolution digital sensors to deliver a single platform that improves Soldier sensing, decision making, target acquisition, and target engagement.' From:  PEO Soldier | PM IVAS (