Human civilisation's dependency on assured access to space has seen a resurgence of interest in all things space-based, such it is now classified as the fifth war fighting domain. A domain that has not only captured the attention of state economies and non-state actors alike, but has dramatically changed human endeavour on Earth. This collection looks at the space domain from a variety of angles.

From grasping the basics and nomenclature of the space environment to determining how we regulate humankind’s activities in a legal and sustainable way, for future generations. Delve into Australia's long-standing influence in space exploration, question missed opportunities, and learn why it is no longer ‘jobs for the boy’s’. In fact, the diversity of the space domain goes well beyond manmade boundaries of gender, culture and ethnicity. There are the indiscriminate dangers posed by space debris, deconflicting space traffic, and the diverse array of satellites being launched by all and sundry. This leads us to explore how fields like space archaeology and sociology, among others, have a significant role to play in knowledge development and human factors in space. All of the above provides the necessary framework that supports the one country known for having the single largest number of space start-ups globally - Australia. Enjoy the journey as this collection will grow as each episode in the series is published in 2020