No matter the experience of a person or the bond between team members, giving someone feedback is a sensitive and challenging event, which needs to be approached with care and concern. If you have difficulty giving and receiving feedback, then there are strategies that might help you. First, we need to recognise the importance of feedback and the consequences for the organisation and individuals of not actively engaging with the process. People need to realise that no matter how long they have been with an organisation, that mastering feedback is a continuing process. Most of us need to improve receiving and giving feedback.  As leaders, we don’t always get enough feedback to improve ourselves and our team’s performance effectively. At times we need to be proactive in developing strategies to seek and act on feedback. Worth also considering is whether people act on the feedback that they have been given?  All of the sources in this collection on feedback, highlight one crucial lesson, and that is that—we need to keep developing and applying strategies to get better at receiving and giving feedback.