War fighting has evolved in response to the information, communication and technology revolution. Forces can now leverage the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) to prioritise joint, strategic, networked effects over individual, tactical platforms as they face the unique challenges presented by the (often characterised) 'VUCA' (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) operating environment. To combat this environmental shift and exploit the greater integration and interoperability enabled by networked capabilities necessitates a paradigm shift in war fighting strategy to support an effects based approach. A strategy employing combined-effects warfare provides the agility to create strategic effects to counter contemporary war fighting measures. Such measures, no longer limited to state-on-state conventional armed conflict, include those undertaken by non-state actors, transnational actors, and rogue states as they act within the competition continuum, above and below the military conflict threshold. Any strategy must also include a diverse force of joint enablers. Air Force is shouldering-in to meet the challenge and will work collaboratively with Navy, Army, government agencies and industry to deliver air power options to Government, across the spectrum of conflict. For the air power strategist and practitioner the 'journey to joint' starts with seeking out the joint education and career pathways. It continues with looking beyond the shoreline, over the wire, and across the lake to learn what our fellow force enablers bring to the fight.