The philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952) famously said 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'. This Collection covers historical and current military leaders whose prominence led to strategic outcomes, some good, some not so good. Their forceful personalities sometimes jarred colleagues but always galvanised strategic outcomes that are either still felt today and/or will continue to shape things into the future. Many commanders championed their favoured technologies and domains, others pioneered strategies, but all changed, or will change, the course of history. Today's Air Force is evolving as a joint fighting force that exists to contribute to providing Australia's government joint military effects that serve to protect our national interests. Under the strategic direction of shape, deter, and respond as necessary the 'joint' nature of our force extends beyond the domain we herald from and our shores, to include multi-national coalitions. This collaboration and interoperability is leveraged to create windows of opportunities for force projection and protection, across multiple domains. So why should today's airmen read about military leaders from times past, or other services and nations? As Australia's Air Force evolves into a joint fighting force, partnering with allied nations, studying these leaders and their decisions will serve to orientate our future leaders' towards better decisions. Namely, on how we create combined effects through a fusion of multi-domain capabilities, in a culturally competent manner.