1. Physical Fitness: Military training strengthens physical fitness, essential for military tasks and well-being.
  2. Discipline and Responsibility: Training instils discipline and responsibility, key for battlespace and personal life.
  3. Leadership Skills: Education develops leadership, crucial for strategic decisions and operations.
  4. Crisis Management: Training readies personnel for effective emergency response.
  5. Teamwork: Training fosters teamwork, critical in combat and operations.
  6. Strategic Thinking: Education improves strategic thinking, aiding in complex problem-solving.
  7. Skills and Knowledge: Training and education provide diverse technical skills useful within and beyond military contexts.
  8. Resilience: Training builds resilience for challenging situations in service and civilian life.
  9. Ethics and Values: Education emphasizes ethics and values, central to a disciplined force.
  10. Global Awareness: Education promotes understanding of diverse cultures, assisting effective overseas deployment.