Uninhabited Aircraft Systems (UAS) can operate in dangerous environments and with greater persistence and flexibility than manned systems. For these reasons, they have useful military applications. A UAS—also sometimes described as an Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAV)— are a component of broader aerial systems that are employed in joint and allied operations. In recent history, the ADF deployed UAS, such as Air Force's Heron and Army's Shadow, to Afghanistan. While Navy's ScanEagle deployed to the Arabian Gulf in 2017. The ADF has gained experience and developed tactics, techniques and procedures for joint operations. UAS employment and integration presents challenges amidst the ongoing technological revolution. UAS is a joint capability that must seamlessly integrate with all operations to achieve an optimal effect. This UAS collection introduces a range of current and future UAS capabilities, and discusses their roles and functions, explains how they exploit air power and how they can influence strategic objectives.