China nuclear fusion reactor has beaten the previous record held by a French reactor as to how hot a reactor can run under controlled conditions—China’s reactor ran for over 1000 seconds at 70 million degrees Celsius.


Ben Turner writing for Live Science—described by Media Bias as a pro science online magazine—makes the following points:

  • Could help to create endless cheap clean energy.
  • EAST is a nuclear fusion reactor.
  • The tokamak is a device which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine plasma at very high temperatures.
  • This latest experiment points the way to running a fusion reactor full time.
  • Government have been trying to create nuclear fusion based on the way stars burn for over seventy years.
  • Stars are able to turn matter into heat without producing radioactive waste.
  • EAST is attempting to replicate what happens inside stars.
  • The world’s largest nuclear reactor ITER (not an acronym but the Latin for ‘The Way’,  is currently being built in France by the EU, UK, China, India and the US.


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