Page updated 11 Sep 2022
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Runway Topics as of Sep 2022 are as follows:
  1. Business Skilling
  2. Communication & Cognition
  3. Cyber
  4. Leadership
  5. Military History
  6. Strategic Influences
  7. Technology & Innovation
  8. Wellbeing
  • All Learning Outcomes are expressed in terms of developing an awareness related to a particular topic.  Runway articles have been selected in the belief that reading them might help readers develop an awareness of a topic as specified in the following Learning Outcomes.
Business Skilling...Develop an awareness of:
  • Business Skilling includes tools, technology, innovation, trends, future development, and the skills you might need during your military career.
Communication & Cognition...Develop an awareness of:
  • The need to be sceptical of any claim that does not provide sufficient scientifically based evidence to support what is being claimed.
  • What makes for good and effective communication, whether verbal, written, electronic, film, podcast etc.
  • The cognitive, thinking and psychological processes underpin the way humans make decisions, develop beliefs, reach conclusions, and evaluate evidence.
  • The need to develop critical thinking skills to objectively analyse and evaluate any issue to form a judgment about that issue.
Cyber...Develop an awareness of:
  •  Cyberwarfare. Cybersecurity, Cyberdefence, Cyberattack,
  • The different forms of cyberattack.
  • The different strategies that can be used to make a cyberattack less likely.
  • How organisations can defend themselves from a cyberattack
Leadership...Develop an awareness of: 
  •  How effective leadership can enhance capability.
  •  The different types of leadership can be applied depending on the situation or context.
  •  The importance of EI/EQ in how you exercise leadership.
Military History...Develop an awareness of:
  • Historical sources that might inform current strategic, operational and tactical decision-making.
  • How documented differences from our past, including culture, values and ethics, can help us set goals and values for our present.
  • Appreciate that everything we do, everything we use, and everything else we study is the product of a complex set of causes, ideas, and practices.
  • To develop an awareness of the historical application of airpower.
Strategic Influences...Develop an awareness of:
  • Australia’s strategic environment and how nations, including our own, attempt to shape the environment to meet their needs and requirements.
Technology & Innovation...Develop an awareness of:
  • Technology and innovation and how it can contribute to our economy and to military capability.
Wellbeing...Develop an awareness of:
  • How individuals can improve and maintain their wellbeing in terms of health, happiness and prosperity.