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Links to RAAF Runway Information Pages

Runway Rationale

  • Runway enhances the learning of RAAF personnel by providing them with high-quality curated posts that are easy to access and can improve RAAF members' awareness of defence-related matters and current affairs.
  • Note definition of curation from….. Best-Practice-in-Online-Content-Curation.pdf (cardiff.ac.uk):
  • 'Online content curation is the process of selecting, reviewing, and organising resources available on the web for a particular audience [1]. It is much like putting together a reading list, but with the benefit of attaching a review of, and commentary on, the resources you are recommending.'
  • Runway demonstrates that the RAAF values education and contributes—cost-effectively—to the RAAF being an effective Learning Organization defined by….' Building a Learning Organization (hbr.org) as:
  • 'A learning organisation is an organisation skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge and at modifying its behaviour to reflect new knowledge and insights.
  • RAAF Runway Learning Outcomes are at Annex A:  

Runway Posts

  • The Runway provides RAAF members with high-quality curated articles. Guidelines referencing the selection of articles for Runway are in Annex B.
  • Runway Linked Articles/Videos/Podcasts can be summarised quickly and instantly available online. Guidelines for adding BLUF, Summary and References are in Annex C.  
  • Runway content is available online without requiring a reader to log on.
  • Runway provides posts that:
    • Support Learning Objectives that are focussed on improving people's awareness of a variety of topics and are relevant to members of the RAAF.
    • Includes links to high-value curated articles from reputable sources.
    • Highlights the curated article's main points that will let the reader decide if it is worth reading in full.
    • Provides collections of articles on a single topic.
    • Lists of references related to the post for further reading and study.
    • Are accessible to everybody without the need to log onto the site.
    • The Runway is accessible on nearly all types of devices.

Runway Duty Statements

  • Duty statements of RAAF Runway Editor and Publishing Authors support the Runway Rationale.
  • Position: Runway Content Editor
    • Source, Curate, Moderate and Edit Runway posts.
    • Act as Content Editor for all Runway linked posts ensuring the following:
    • Posts used links to reputable sources.
    • Ensure up-to-date Link Articles are posted to Runway regularly.
    • Ensure that all Runway posts align with learning outcomes.
    • Provide guidance and assistance to all members employed as Publishing Authors (PAs) for Runway Link Articles.
    • Ensure RAAF's reputation is not compromised by the publication or linking to unsuitable articles and web pages.
    • Put into place a succession plan.
    • Ensure BLIs ref posting material to Runway are maintained and remain up-to-date.
    • Other Duties as directed by CO SPS.
  • Position: Runway Publishing Author
    • Source, articles from reputable sources.
    • Complete Runway Linked Article templates ensuring the following sections are completed iaw with current BLIs:
      • BLUF
      • Summary
      • References

ANNEX A: RAAF Runway Learning Outcomes

LEARNING OUTCOMES—RUNWAY | The Runway (airforce.gov.au)
    • Business Skilling...Develop an awareness of Business Skilling regarding tools, technology, innovation, trends, future development, and the skills you might need during your military career.
    • Communication & Cognition...Develop an awareness of: 
      • The need to be sceptical of any claim that does not provide sufficient scientifically based evidence to support what is being claimed.
      • What makes for good and effective communication, whether verbal, written, electronic, film, podcast etc.
      • The cognitive, thinking and psychological processes underpin the way humans make decisions, develop beliefs, reach conclusions, and evaluate evidence.
      • The need to develop critical thinking skills to objectively analyse and evaluate any issue to form a judgment about that issue.
    • Cyber...Develop an awareness of:
      • Cyberwarfare. Cybersecurity, Cyberdefence, Cyberattack,
      • The different forms of cyberattack.
      • The different strategies that can be used to make a cyberattack less likely.
      • How can organisations defend themselves from a cyberattack
    • Leadership...Develop an awareness of: 
      • How effective leadership can enhance capability.
      • The different types of leadership can be applied depending on the situation or context.
      • The importance of EI/EQ in how you exercise leadership.
    • Military History...Develop an awareness of:
      • Historical sources that might inform current strategic, operational and tactical decision-making.
      • How documented differences from our past, including culture, values and ethics, can help us set goals and values that are still applicable today.
      • Appreciate that everything we do, everything we use, and everything else we study is the product of a complex set of causes, ideas, and practices.
      • To develop an awareness of the historical application of air power.
    • Strategic Influences...Develop an awareness of Australia's strategic environment and how nations, including ours, attempt to shape the environment to meet their needs and requirements.
    • Technology & Innovation...Develop an awareness of how it can contribute to our economy and military capability.
    • Well-being...Develop an awareness of How individuals can improve and maintain their well-being in terms of health, happiness, and prosperity. 

ANNEX B: Guidelines reference sourcing articles for RAAF Runway from Reputable Web Sources

ANNEX C: Adding BLUF, Summary and References to Runway post.

  • BLUF
    • Captures the core of what the article is about.  
    • Do not repeat information contained in the title of the article.
    • Maximum 50 (fifty) words.
    • Note the BLUF should not be repeated in the Summary.
  • Summary
    • Highlight two to four main points—maximum words for all points no more than 50(fifty).
    • Provide hyperlinks to suitable supporting material, between four to six hyperlinks.
    • Do not try to summarise the whole article.
    • Taken together, the Title, BLUF and Summary bullet points should provide the reader with a quick overview of and make the reader aware that the topic exists. They can then decide for themselves whether the article is worth reading or not.
  • It Only Gets Better: The F-35 Is Becoming More Lethal and Affordable
  • The cost of the F-35A has fallen to below $80 million each, and continuing improvements, including hardware and software upgrades, an improved engine, a revamped logistics system, new maintenance techniques and enhanced electronic warfare capabilities, make it a formidable aircraft.


  • No more than 20 (twenty words).
  • Start with…..Learn More about.
  • Examples of Link Texts
  • Learn more about the capability improvements being developed and implemented for the F35 Lightning.

  • Learn more about the worldwide demand for military aircraft.
  • Learn more about the manufacture of F-35 engines.
  • Learn more about the capability improvements being developed and implemented for the F35 Lightning.


References Runway articles:
  • If non-suitable, OK not to include any. E.g., minimum of none (0).
  • Maximum of 2 (two).
  • Exception: Military History articles a minimum of none maximum of 6 (six)
  • If there is a Runway Collection related to this topic, then reference the collection, for example, F-35 01: COLLECTION | The Runway (airforce.gov.au)
References From the Web
  • Minimum of two.
  • Maximum of four.
Note example of how References should be formatted:
Recent Runway Posts related to this topic:
References from the Web:
Source Information: The National Interest
See examples of what RAAF Runway Posts should look like: