3 tips for leaders to get the future of work right

15 min Source: TED TALK
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Covid might provide leaders with the opportunity to redesign workplace practices to better: attract, retain and motivate their people.


Many current work practices were first put into place by the industrial revolution, where people left home for work to perform repetitious tasks at fixed times and places. The knowledge worker with fixed job descriptions, cubicles and working at a set time was still following worker practices that had been put into place by the industrial revolution.  Globalisation and a technology revolution did little to challenge or change this industrial based model.

The tragedy of COVID changed the following practices:

  • Long commutes.
  • Low-value tasks.
  • People working in a self-contained bubble with little contact with people outside of their areas: silos.
  • Steering committees.
  • Repetitive and valueless meetings.
  • Synchronised work.
  • C2 Leadership.

Debbie Lovich of BCG advocates three tips/musts for leaders of the future:

  1. Trust your people. Millions of people have proved trustworthy working remotely. 
  2. Data-driven. Many people want to change the way they work. Workers can help with workplace transformation and redesign. 
  3. Think beyond the schedule. Adapt and develop with the changes and challenges afforded by COVID.

Lovich asserts that these tips will create a workplace that should be more engaging, productive and user friendly.

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