APC 2020 - CAF Opening Speech

14 min Source: Vudoo
PME All levels


Regional political and military challenges requires a joint force capable of deploying multi-domain operations and influencing security and cooperation in our region.


CAF explains how great power competition and the increasing competition for regional political and military influence is affecting our regional sovereignty and security. It is driving Australia's foreign and security policy goal of fostering an inclusive, prosperous Indo-Pacific, resistant to coercion and open to regional cooperation. How can air and space power contribute to security in the Indo-Pacific as a national power lever? Good strategy. Firstly, by way of developing partnerships with our neighbours and allies, understanding the uniquely dynamic nature of our region, and then working to cooperatively to create a synergy of combined effects, across WoG and multiple domains. Secondly, by leveraging the means - a cohesive, lethal, joint fighting force. Together these will provide agile options to government that serve to achieve the end-state of protecting our national interests and way of life and that of our partner nations in the region.