APC 2020 CDF and SECDEF - View from the Top

16 min Source: Vudoo


Australia's Air Force is recalibrating to leverage its value as a form of soft power in our region along the spectrum of conflict.


CDF and the Secretary of Defence discuss the underpinnings to a recalibration of Air Force as part of a joint fighting force. This recognises the value of air power in matters of national influence and not just high-end conflict. The Indo-Pacific represents 52% of the earth's surface, will be largely affected by climate change, and it is the centre of gravity for world trade. The need to grow and develop air power strategists is vital if Australia wants to be the strategic partner of choice in the region. The Secretary discusses how Defence, and Air Force, will continue to be involved in the planning, execution and recovery phases of Australia's efforts along the spectrum of conflict. This includes Air Force, as part of a WoG effort, engaging an outward-facing role to support and shape our regional security environment through our international engagement. CDF describes other areas where Air Force's positive engagement with regional leaders can continue to contribute to building regional partnerships that contribute to an overall deterrent effect against threats in the region.