APC 2020 - History of Great Power Competition in the Indo-Pacific - Part 2

30 min Source: Vudoo


Great power competition in the Indo-Pacific region is history, cooperation between multiple powers is the future.


Part 2 of 2: David Hunt resumes his presentation covering historical events from 1904 to today. Again he revisits the idea of the Chinese seeking economic and political tribute, only this time via more modern means, such as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, providing infrastructure development loans in the Indo-Pacific. Hunt highlights that opposing views on these loans suggest they are being manufactured as tools for 'debt-trap diplomacy'. This is noting the loans are secured by 99 year leases on critical infrastructure and as a means to coerce redirection of diplomatic relations from competing powers (like Taiwan) to Beijing. Hunt suggests that China is "using and misusing history" to advance its Sino-centric agenda in direct competition with the alternative - the concept of the Indo-Pacific region as a multilateral region based on common interests.