Artificial Intelligence and International Security

23 min Source: Centre for New American Security


Artificial intelligence is a transformational technology with considerable security, economic and social implications.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformational technology. Although we've been living with AI for a while now - Internet of Things, voice activated customer service centres, AI innovations are on this rise across all industries. Whilst it enhances productivity, human potential and well-being it also raises a lot of questions: Who is accountable for the ethical application of AI? What effect does AI have on global security? The Centre for New American Security (CNAS) AI research looks at these and other big issues such as, in this podcast, the potential for an ‘AI revolution’, comparable to the Industrial Revolution. One of the potential consequences of an AI revolution would be a globally displaced workforce exacerbating conflict within and across all nations. At the end of day AI isn't going away and state and non-state actors have a choice on whether AI will foster global prosperity or generate a new era of conflict. Either way, get informed about AI.