Can Just War theory be applied to cyber warfare?

10 min Source: YouTube tutorial
PME Level: 2 #cyber #JustWar


Just War theory can be applied to cyberwar.


Technology is advancing automation in human civilisations and this extends to how future wars will be fought. Can the three components of Just War theory: Jus Ad Bellum (law relating resort to the use of force); Jus In Bello (conduct during the war); Jus Post Bellum (conduct after the war) provide guidance? Understanding how the theory applies to cyber warfare will inform doctrine and campaigning plans. This video provides a handy overview for the novice and discusses challenges cyber warfare poses for the theory. Namely, whilst military proponents argue that leaders need to consider the effects of any cyberattack and respond in kind, others contend that the principles of Just War theory might not necessarily apply to cyber warfare. Either way, this form of warfare isn't going away. What are your thoughts on whether or not Just War theory applies to cyber warfare?