The Cyber Attack Lifecycle

23 min Source: YouTube
PME Level: All levels


A cyber attack and its prevention is carried out using a series of steps.


A cyber 'kill chain' is a model to describe the stages of a cyber attack. Air Force members should find it helpful to be aware of the process by which a cyber attack manifests itself so an attack can be recognised for what it is. For an in-depth look at cyber attacks this web presentation will explain, in detail, the seven steps of an attack from reconnaissance through to the final action on the objective. For example, the initial goal is to find a weakness, it can morph to the attacker developing and inserting malware designed to exploit any vulnerability discovered during reconnaissance. The end result is the attacker being able to access a system. You will also learn, in depth, about various threat types and firewall protections. Don't be an unwitting participant in a cyber attack - be informed, stay vigilant. [Disclaimer: Adds will appear, just select 'skip ad']