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Cyber State Actors

27 min Source: The Runway Events


Cyber warfare takes many forms and is conducted by multiple state-based actors, using unique approaches.


The Australian Strategic Policy Institute's Fergus Hanson - Head of International Cyber Policy Centre, talks to us about cyber state actors. Cyber crime is acknowledged as the most prevalent activity, serving to fund criminal operations and illegally acquire intellectual property. It is the state-based actors who pose the biggest threat through their objectives to create large scale disruption to, and/or destruction of, critical national infrastructure and assets. Discussing recent cyber attacks on Australian organisations by a sophisticated state-based actor, we take a look at the renowned state-actors, their particular approaches to cyber warfare, and what Australia might potentially do to deter such attacks in future - offensively and defensively. Pointing to the skills shortages and large populations numbers of yet-to-be-connected Internet users, Fergus suggests Pacific Island nations are vulnerable to future cyber incursions. Taking a brief look at the strategic guidance - the Defence Strategic Update 2020 future investments in Australia's cyber capabilities and the Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2020 he shares what Australia is doing to support its Pacific neighbours.

(Note: The views expressed in the podcast are those of the guest/s and not the Australian Air Force, nor the ADO.)