Defence Innovation & Modern Leadership

34 min Source: Defence Connect


Defence Connect interviewed Major General Fergus McLachlan on modern leadership and innovation in the Australian Defence Force.


To ensure Australia’s national interests are protected in future, the Australian Defence Force must constantly innovate and change. Technological change presents opportunities, but also introduces networking, integration and collaboration challenges. The modern military professional must understand these challenges and be prepared to lead a multi-generational workforce in the pursuit of excellence. Innovation and modern leadership are two themes in Defence Connect’s 2018 interview with Major General Fergus McLachlan, AO, of the Australian Army. The interview discusses modern leadership practice, including managing a millennial workforce while retaining Australian & New Zealand Army Corps traditions. He highlights barriers between traditional army hierarchical structures and the need for an agile ‘Army in motion’, where change is considered normal. Can his ideas be applied to Air Force? Major General McLachlan discusses innovation and the improving relationship between Defence and industry. He details the Australian Defence Force’s increasing joint connectivity, driven by new capabilities such as the Landing Helicopter Docks; and argues for seamlessly integrating networked technology for future success. How do you support change and innovation in the workplace? Do you work in a multi-generational workplace and, if so, how might you adjust your leadership style to suit each audience?