An ever evolving map of everything on earth

6 min Source: Countdown Summit, Edinburgh, October 2021 TED Talk
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This TED Talk is about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ever-evolving map of the earth that can help us understand how our world is changing.


Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has been widely used since about 1990. The speaker argues that :

  • Humans are living carelessly, so for a sustainable future, we need to look at the planet as a whole.

  • Using AI and Machine Learning GIS technology using real-time data can analyse Earth to produce a "living atlas" and "geospatial nervous system".

  • Useful for business, government and civil society in bringing a science-based approach to issues.

  • Can improve understanding of population, the economy, vegetation, biodiversity, transport, etc

  • Through the web, interconnections encourage a collective approach to improved planning and decision making.