Extreme Ownership - Leadership Lessons from a Navy Seal

55 min Source: Can your leadership skills do with some extreme ownership?


Retired Navy Seal Officer uses his experience to offer leadership lessons surrounding ‘extreme ownership’.


Many servicemen and women have made life or death decisions in extremely complex and unpredictable situations. As a military leader you might be expected to make these decisions, at times, without the benefit of all the information. Retired Navy Seal Officer - Jocko Willink has made countless life and death decisions in high pressure battlefield situations. He made many mistakes and used these experiences to reflect and develop basic leadership principles to inspire military and business leaders alike. Although its title might be comical in nature, this podcast takes leadership seriously and discusses matters like extreme ownership, providing command intent, decentralised command, leading up the chain of command and self-discipline. Overall Jocko provides an interesting perspective on leadership relevant to Air Force and the wider Australian Defence Force. How might you incorporate Jocko’s lessons into your leadership approach?

Extreme Ownership - Leadership Lessons from a Navy Seal