Fielding Tomorrow's Air Force Faster and Smarter: 2019 Air Warfare Symposium

45 min Source: You Tube


A strategy for the USAF to fight and win during a period of rapid technological change.


Keeping the United States Air Force competitive and dominant is the primary goal of Dr Will Roper. Dr Roper poses the question as to how dominance can be maintained as competitors match the US during a period of significant technological change. He stresses that the USAF must compete and win against contemporary adversaries by speeding up the acquisition process, and expanding industry partnerships. Further, the USAF needs to create a big ideas pipeline and increase sustainable innovation. It is also important that the USAF develops ways to enable private companies and contractors to work with the USAF. Dr Roper noted that the Rapid Sustainment Office has already processed new technology at a considerable cost saving to government. You can also read the summary of Dr Roper’s presentation. How can Australia's defence acquisition process follow in the USAFs footsteps?