The Future of Space Operations A Panel with Air Force Space Officers

51 min Source: Over The Horizon


A panel consisting of US Space Force officers, hosted by a USAF intelligence officer, discusses the future of the US Space Force.


In the 2019 Over the Horizon discussion the future of the US Space Force and how space is likely to become an increasingly important part of the overall battlespace, was the topic for discussion. The panel also discussed the involvement of other countries in the space domain, notably China. Of particular interest and concern was China being able to land uninhabited space vehicles on the far side of the moon—see China Makes Historic 1st Landing. Space is becoming critical to Australia. Australia is playing a much more active role in the space environment through such measures as the introduction of the Australian Space Agency, and Australia's Air Force taking the lead for defence capability and services in the space domain. How can you imagine your role evolving as space capabilities become more mainstream in Air Force?