The Future of War and How it Affects You - Multi-domain OPS

29 min Source: YouTube


The complex relationships between the physical and non-physical domains requires forces to be adept at seizing opportunities to solve complex problems, quickly and creatively.


What Stuxnet did for weaponising the Internet, online 'shaping' is doing for weaponising social media and so adding to the complexity of multi-domain operations. Multi-domain operations (MDO) seek to create windows of opportunities that leverage both the force projection of the physical domains and the interconnectivity afforded by the cyber and space domains. Sharing a common operating picture that enables an individual, but increasingly, joint and combined forces to find, fix and prosecute targets. The same interconnectivity enhancing the precision of kinetic attacks is now being leveraged to conduct non-kinetic attacks, the effects of which can be global in scale. The nature of these attacks, stopping just short of war, are commonly referred to as 'grey zone' tactics. The attacker exploits cyber's anonymity to both achieve surprise and, ostensibly, a degree of plausible deniability as they disrupt democratic processes in a bid to topple governments, devastate economies, and cleave social and cultural order without firing a weapon or jeopardising their sovereignty. If you think about it the next major conflict could already be underway and we wouldn't know it till it happens. Then what? (Tip: Start at 08:30 for just MDO explanation) What can forces be doing to prepare?