The Geopolitical Partnership Between China & Russia

31 min Source: Vudoo


Through a geopolitical alliance and joint military exercises Russia and China demonstrate a willingness to re-assert their great power status in the Indo-Pacific.


Paul Dibb's APC 2020 presentation examines the Sino-Russian concept of war; how this is being employed in our region; and the idea that the likelihood and magnitude of a US response is used by these states to demarcate decision points for conflict - above or below the military threshold - to re-assert their great power status. Centuries of defeat, power and territorial losses by both powers, at the hands of Western imperialism and colonialism, underpins the evidence of a shared contempt for the predominant Western global order. This shared contempt strengthens the China-Russia alliance and is evidenced by the nature, frequency and location of their scheduled joint force and joint naval exercises in both hemispheres. It challenges the notion of a peaceful rise of China and supports the Kremlin's playbook of disrupting and destabilising the NATO alliance. It also supports Dibb's view that the potential for military conflict is heightened by the geopolitical and military alliance of these old foes.