How humans and AI can work together to create better businesses

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AI is widely adopted across business and government, but its rules-based algorithms limits judgements means that a human interface is required to avoid manipulation, discrimination and intrusion, and in some cases, disaster.


AI  systems and processes are increasingly adopted by business and government, yielding significant efficiencies. Sylvain Duranton raises these points for those working with AI to consider:

  • AI works like bureaucracies, rules-based algorithms subjugating human judgment.
  • AI brings "algocracy" **, where increasingly critical decisions are made outside of any human control.
  • BCG and MIT survey shows that 18 per cent of global companies are making money with AI.
  • AI without human judgement can make dumb decisions.
  • AI can be accountable for decisions instead of management.
  • A Human plus AI model breaks down its time as follows:
    • Ten per cent to code algos*.
    • Twenty per cent to build tech around the algos.
    • Seventy per cent to combine people and processes.
  • Failure to combine people and processes can result in a disastrous outcome, e.g., 737 Max 8.
  • Businesses can set limits to mitigate against manipulation, discrimination and intrusion.
  • A transcript of this video can be found here:  Humans and AI Ted Talk transcript.
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*Short for algorithm.

** Algocracy: a situation in which algorithm-based systems structure and constrain the opportunities for human participation in and comprehension of public decision-making.