Hypersonics and a Vision for Australian Space

60 min Source: CoTR Podcast
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Hypersonics, mach 4, mach 5 or mach 6 and where Australia can contribute in the international interest for space.


Exactly what is hypersonics? Are we looking at a London to Melbourne flight to be possible in 40minutes? What are the limits and possibilities? On our final episode (8) of this Space Series on Conversations on the Runway, we speak with Prof Russell Boyce who holds the position of Chair for Space Engineering at UNSW Canberra, where he leads the UNSW Canberra Space Research effort. Prof Russell Boyce identifies where he sees Australia having an impact in the space economy going forward and the importance Australia plays to NASA, with Tidbinbilla, just outside of Canberra accounting for one-third of NASA's global deep space network.

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