Laura Rosenberger on Washington’s China Realignment

58 min Source: Lowy Institute


Third party interference can undermine democracies and threaten national security.


The US and China are antagonistic towards each other, and Australia and its interests are challenged by an increasingly precarious position. The Lowy Institute  interviewed Laura Rosenberger—Director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (US ASD)— to discuss Washington and Beijing's relationship. The US ASD specialises in tracking authoritarian interference. It has developed recommendations to resolve vulnerabilities and safeguard stakeholders from authoritarian threats. Rosenberger believes democracy is the key to national security. She argues that global democracies must work together - both public and private organisations - to combat foreign interference which can undermine democratic political systems. The ADF's misson is to defend Australia and its national interests. Noting our defence policy is founded on self-reliance principles, and we are accountable to the government of the day, what effect do you think authoritarian interference would have on Australia's national security?