Leadership and Transition Episode 1

28 min Source: Airman For Life


Part 1 of a talk from General Spencer about command and leadership.


What is transitional leadership, and when is it required? Military leadership requires a transitional element attributable to organisational culture and processes. With a high turnover of leaders in the military, combined with the general posting cycle, mastering the art of transitional leadership is highly beneficial. This Airman for Life Podcast features USAF General Larry Spencer just before he retired. He discusses transitional leadership and highlights useful techniques for incumbent military leaders. He also discusses leadership challenges based on his own experiences and provides a frank analysis of the effort involved. General Spencer served an illustrious 44-year USAF career and noted that much of his success was due to having outstanding mentors. He suggests mentors provide an excellent sounding board to assist with complex issues and career decisions. Who is your mentor and who are you mentoring?