Luck and Leadership

16 min Source: The Military Leader


Talent, preparation and hard work can improve your chances of being lucky.


How do some people get so lucky in their career? Good postings, jobs and deployments often favour the same people. Are they just lucky or do they tip the odds in their favour? After all, the coin should flip in your favour only half the time, right? This three-part Military Leader Podcast mini-series on luck in leadership provides some interesting insights. The speakers note that, although no one succeeds without a heavy dose of luck, a person’s talent, work ethic, preparation, practice, values and leadership can make them luckier. Episode 1 – Role of Luck in Becoming a Successful Officer (8 min). Episode 2 – Luck be a Lady – Steve Leonard of Doctrine Man! (4 min). Episode 3 – Proactive Luck – Nathan Finney of the Strategy Bridge (4 min).