New Rules of War

54 min Source: ABC Big Ideas - Paul Barclay (Host)


The future adversary may not be another nation state.


Are you already reading up on the future of warfare? How can you prepare your subordinate leaders if you haven't done your preparation? If you had, you may have noticed that things are changing, trends are emerging. Is it possible that corporations, mercenaries and rogue states could hold more power than traditional global powers? Can military action be 'out sourced' by nation states? This podcast is based on author Sean McFate's latest literary offering and has been heralded by some as “the new Sun Tzu”. A lofty claim however, McFate’s argument demands consideration. In a lively and provocative way, McFate makes you think about modern warfare using examples from the history of conflict and his own career in the US Army. Listen to the podcast and entertain the idea from your perspective as a leader, a follower, and as a member of a joint force.