Positive Coaching

3 min Source: You Tube
PME Level: 2 #Leadership #coaching


Using core values to facilitate innovative thought can have exponentially positive outcomes.


People may not always remember the message itself but they do remember how they how they felt at the time the message was delivered. Suzi Finkelstein, Program Director at Women and Leadership Australia, talks about the role of positive psychology in coaching programs. Positive coaching is entrenched in the discipline of positive psychology and essentially encourages people to flourish through enhancing their strengths and virtues. Finkelstein suggests three overarching strategies for positive coaching of subordinates: focussing on positive experiences; focussing on their positive character and behavioural traits; and where you can create a positive environment. Defence Leadership Doctrine (ADDP.006) encourages coaching for developing military leaders. As an Air Force or Defence Leader, military or civilian, the expectation is that you will develop your subordinates and coaching is just one of the tools available to you. If you think you've tried everything in your leadership toolbox, and you're not getting the results you want, then it's on you to learn new skills and methods. What do the words imagination, courage and trust invoke in you?