Royal Australian Navy Sea Power

4 min Source: Youtube


A video summary of Navy capability delivering sea power.


You are in the Air Force or perhaps another area of Defence, why should you care about sea power? Because as an island nation the sea is vital to our survival and security. We also have a large land and air mass to protect, that's why the Australian military are focused on leveraging the strength that comes with a joint combat force employing interoperability. Apart from the fact that the majority of our country's imported domestic goods are delivered by sea, joint interoperability and joint power projection provides a comprehensive approach to securing and protecting Australia's interests, the core business of Navy, Army & Air Force. This approach encompasses the domains of land, littoral, sea, air, space, and cyber. A basic sea power understanding is useful for Defence members preparing for a combined exercise or operation. Understanding the combination of air and sea power is necessary for defence of an island nation, like Australia. However, knowing what sea power is, or any form of power projection for that matter, is not going give you the whole story. This RAN video provides a short visual summary of contemporary Navy capability in action, including linkages with air power. As you watch focus your attention on those linkages.