High-functioning, Over-achieving, Extroverted Mothers are Human Too.


Up with the birds, herding the kids through the morning ritual, start thinking about dinner while they’re making lunches, and hopefully, they make it to work on time. Work output is consistently high. Then reluctantly, they dash out of the office at day’s end to go pick up the 'billy-lids'. Chances are they are exhausted, stressed, and anxious but, hey, this is a normal day. Are you working with a ‘high functioning depressive’ (HFD)? They’re so busy taking care of everyone else, they forget themselves. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine these types are struggling amidst the flurry of activity. Don't just notice them, make the time to check in and ask how they’re travelling, and be prepared to listen. Whilst this experience is not limited by gender, read one mum’s impression about her experience. Does it resonate with you or someone in your team? Check in and ask what can you do that helps them most.