An open-plan workspace may be great for extroverts, but for introverts it is an obstacle to overcome.


We don't have the luxury of our own office and on deployment we also have aircraft and generator noise to deal with. An open-plan environment can be great for extroverts but introverts can be easily overwhelmed and will naturally seek solitude to stay focused. It can take a bit of adjusting in an open-plan working environment. Interestingly, while unavoidable and the corporate design of choice, open-plan design does not improve productivity, and the research backs this. Introverts have to adapt and train themselves to be able to focus on their work and blockout background noise – without appearing rude to others. Observe your team members, get to know who your introverts are and what you can do to make their work environment better. You may not be able to control the work environment design but you can alter it, and allow others to. The results will speak for themselves.