Covid-19 forced companies to change their work processes, these changes are likely to continue even after Covid-19 is no longer a factor.


Karen McCandless predicts that the following workplace trends are likely to continue in 2021:
  • Employee wellness. Companies are learning about the importance of staying in touch with their remote workforce.
  • Remote working forever. Many companies are beginning to realise that it is more efficient for people to work-from-home.
  • Gig economy and contractors. Working online allows you to tap into a worldwide network of expertise.
  • Self-service shift management. For workers who cannot work from home, management processes could be improved, e.g., making it easier to change shifts.
  • Virtual onboarding. When hiring new people, companies need to develop a process to select people who they might never meet. 
  • Retraining and upskilling. Companies need to make sure that their workforce has the skills required to work remotely.
However, note that not everybody wants to work-from-home see:  Working from home, once a novelty, is now wearing thin