NASA's Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket have begun final preparations for a dress rehearsal test.


This article by Mindy Weisberger, writing for Live Science, makes the following points:
  • The spacecraft and SLS took 10 hours and 28 minutes to travel just 6.4 kilometres.
  • Transporting the integrated Orion and SLS was the Crawler CT-2, which measures 40 metres long and 35 metres wide, and weighs almost 10 million kilos.
  • Orion won't be taking off for the moon just yet. Lift-off is at least a month away, as several tests still need to be conducted.
  • The so-called wet dress rehearsal will take place on April 1, when technicians load the rocket with more than 2 million litres of liquid oxygen and hydrogen propellant.


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