Defence is acquiring the Apache Helicopter—a proven off-the-shelf capability—to replace the Army's existing Aussie Tiger Helicopters.


The Defence Minister Linda Reynolds  gave the following reasons for selecting the Boeing Apache Guardian Helicopter as a replacement for the Aussie Tiger' helicopters:

  • It will strengthen our reconnaissance force.
  • It possesses a proven ability and an off-the-shelf operating system.
  • Low-risk option as it has a proven track record and meets all of Defence's capability requirements.
  • By selecting a proven system, Defence will avoid the ongoing costs associated with developing capability.

The article notes that Defence chose the Apache due to:

  • Its lower operating costs, proven reliability. 
  • It possesses advanced satellite communications.
  • Can access the Link 16 tactical data network.
  • Can share data with other ADF platforms. 
  • As a proven design, it is a low-risk acquisition. 

The article also noted that the Apache needs to be considered an ADF, rather than just an Army, asset and should therefore be fully integrated with capability systems across the ADF.

Consider the benefits of acquiring a proven off-the-shelf capability.