The Australian Defence Force operates jointly to achieve the required capability of Navy’s Landing Helicopter Docks.


An ADF operation or exercise generally consists of two or more single services. This is termed a joint task force. The recent Exercise Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 (IPE19) teamed a joint task force on HMAS Canberra, a Navy Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) crewed by members from all services. As Flight Lieutenant Bel Scott reports on the Department of Defence website, Canberra embarked three Australian Air Force air traffic controllers for the exercise. Their role was to manage Canberra’s air space, which involved the Australian Army, the Australian Navy and coalition aircraft. The exercise is a demonstration of how the Australian Defence Force operates joint capability as a cohesive force to achieve the required capability of LHD. Canberra is one of two LHD capable of delivering and sustaining air power from the sea. Have you sought the opportunity to get on an LHD or on an exercise yet? For the foreseeable future defence of Australia and its interests will be focused in our region and the likelihood of Air Force members being involved in a joint operational task force is high. What are you learning or doing now to ensure you are ready and effective?