Case and Maner argue that there are two motivators for why people seek leadership positions—dominance or prestige.


In this article, Case and Maner note that when appointing a leader, the potential leader's approach must align with the goals and nature of the team that they are going to lead. They argue that instead of focusing on the candidate's knowledge and skills, it might be better to focus on why a person wants to be a leader? They suggest that two significant motivations drive people to seek a leadership role—dominance and prestige. Dominance is a desire for the authority and power that comes with formal leadership positions. Prestige is the desire for the admiration, respect and status bestowed upon a leader. Whether a potential leader is inclined more towards dominance or prestige can affect their future leadership behaviour. Case and Maner are writing for the business environment; however, do their ideas of dominance and prestige provide any insights into military leadership?