Countless news reports on the risks and problems associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has put AI firmly on the agendas of many organisational leaders.


Faulty and discriminatory facial recognition, privacy violations and black box algorithms with life-altering consequences—these are some of the problems that have put artificial intelligence (AI) under the spotlight. And, in many cases, leaders don’t understand that addressing these risks requires raising awareness of them across their entire organization. Here are six measures for building organizational awareness:
  1. Remove the fear of AI and AI ethics.
  2. Tailor your communications to your audience.
  3. Tie your attempts to build corporate awareness to your company’s mission or purpose.
  4. Define what AI ethics means in your organization to the way the organization operates.
  5. Invite trusted and influential members across your organization to join you in your efforts.
  6. Continuously seek to educate yourself and others about AI.
The responsible deployment of AI—whether it is used for internal or external purposes—requires awareness of the ethical risks of AI and organizational buy-in to a strategy that helps mitigate ethical risks.