Bending electromagnetic waves using metasurfaces may be useful for reconfiguring surfaces to create the illusion of invisibility.


Lost in plain sight, is the best way to describe the results of this research, published in Progress in Electromagnetics Research. The authors provide a deep dive explanation, with a great selection of references, into how a flexible metasurface, or a frequency selective surface, has been designed to alter the reflection patterns created by an object's geometrical distortions. Rather than diverting light patterns away from the cloaked scatterer the patterns are altered so that the object's reflection pattern resembles that of a flat surface. The researchers demonstrated how an object on the ground, cloaked in a dielectric metasurface, can create the illusion of invisibility, by blending into its environment. The operational applications of this technology could stretch from cloaking command posts, logistics stores, to whole air assets and air defence systems. It is easy to see how this might work in open, flat or slightly undulating terrain, but would it perform as effectively in hilly or tropical terrain?




L. Y. Hsu, T. Lepetit, and B. Kante, "Extremely Thin Dielectric Metasurface for Carpet Cloaking," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 152, 33-40, 2015.