With more people working at home, cyber security in the home environment is essential.


In this article on Cyber Security, Google notes the following:
  • A third of Australians claim that they have been hacked or scammed.
  • The most common forms of attack are hacking of passwords and phishing scams.
  • Less than 50% of Australians take precautions re Cyber security.
  • Younger Australians are less likely than older Australians to take any online security precautions.
  • Fourteen per cent of Australians share their passwords with a family member or friend.
Google provides five tips to improve your Cyber Security:
  1. First, create strong and unique passwords and don’t share them.
  2. Turn on 2-step verification, which involves you being sent an SMS to your phone to confirm who you are.
  3. Ensure your connections are secure—worth changing the password on your router.
  4. Always check URLs that don’t look right—important to make sure a weblink begins with ‘https’.
  5. Double-check files before downloading.