Stress and traumatic events are perceived differently by each individual but are equal in importance for understanding.


Life is complicated, demanding, a real balancing act - and that's just civilian life. Military life adds a whole other layer of complexity to the daily grind. Deployments, exercises, moving (again), kids changing schools, mission creep, and acquitting travel. Stress levels and traumatic events, left unchecked, can grow to become overwhelming for the strongest of people. If we are doing ok, why then has it come to having to mark a special day each year to ask the question, "Are you ok?". Reflecting on how you are feeling, understanding how you respond to stressful events and knowing the signs of trauma are better done as a preventative measure than a curative one. It is not only important to realise the signs for your wellbeing but for those of your subordinates and dependents, especially your children. Everyone perceives and reacts to stress and trauma in different ways, and may not always be adept at expressing themselves. ‘This Way Up', funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, provides a suite of online learning programmes and education in mental and physical health that can improve your knowledge and resilience.