Nearly everybody can benefit from going for a meander in an enclosed public space such as a shopping mall or a museum.


Monica Dux describes the joy of just going for a lazy meander, where the journey is the point, not the destination. Walking a pet or taking your children or grandchildren for a walk also allows you to meander without drawing suspicion. If the weather is bad, then going for a meander in an enclosed public space—such as a museum, art gallery or shopping centre—can allow you to just wander around slowly at your own pace. Young children find museums particularly exciting and entertaining. Monica notes that planning authorities take care when managing outdoor spaces such as parks, bike tracks and playground, but do very little to provide indoor spaces. Shopping malls offer an indoor space; however, there is a downside, and that is that malls are geared to getting you to spend money. Worth thinking about the benefits of just simply meandering rather than power walking or running.