An improvement in Australia/India relations is partly due to both countries recognizing that they must do more to enhance their own security


Before 2017, Australia had a strained relationship with India as Australia had previously supported international sanctions because of India’s nuclear weapons program. However, starting in 2017, Australia now ships uranium to India. Further, with China becoming more aggressive Australia’s relationship with India continues to improve. Australia is currently participating in military exercises such as Malabar which brings together the Quad, Australia, India Japan and the US. Australia and India are drawn together by acceptance of a strategic view that mid-range powers need to do more to ensure their security. In the future exercises might also include Indonesia and France. Worth also noting the increase in Indian migration to Australia rising almost tenfold since 1981. There are now over 700,000 people living in Australia who have an Indian background. Worth considering what else Australia can do to build its relationship with India.