Air power has been consciously joint from the beginning.


What’s so joint about air power? The term joint refers to land, maritime and air forces working together at various ratios to achieve task force objectives. The Air Power Development Centre’s (APDC) Pathfinder Bulletin on The Inherent Jointness of Air Power discusses the history of the joint term and suggests the arrival of air power as the catalyst for conceptualising joint military operations. The APDC describes air power as an envelope capability given its coverage across land and maritime domains without divide. They argue only air power has been inherently joint since inception and provide several examples to support this claim. From centuries of operational experience, militaries have learned success is best achieved when force is employed in a joint manner. A concept embraced by the current Air Force strategy which is themed towards joint warfighting across all domains. What role does air power play in the current joint force? How is Air Force structured to enable a joint force?