Goal-setting and positive habits get you the results you really want.


Air Force trains its Airmen to be goal driven professionals to prepare them to clarify objectives and motivate action. So why then, when it comes to goals for physical activity like passing the PFT, is it last on the list to do? Why not fall back on the training? 'Better Health' is a Victorian Government initiative that provides health information and reminds us about having a realistic and achievable goal that has measurable milestones along the way. But it isn't just about goals, habits need to be looked at as well. Interestingly, in C. Duhigg's, The 'Power of Habit' , a study to understand what keeps gym-goers returning found exercise has a strong social-emotional element. That explains why team sports are so good for morale building. So now you know what you need to do: Take stock of any negative habits, develop a more positive, goal-focused routine, grab a mate, keep the end in sight and crack on!