Cloud computing's advantages and savings need to be balanced with appropriate resources for security.


Cloud computing has revolutionalised computing globally, increasing accessibility and reducing hardware overheads. It enables information technology to become more agile in terms of use, which may be useful in an expeditionary environment. Nothwithstanding the several advantages it offers, vigilance is still required according to the authors' comparative analysis of security countermeasures. Its flexibility needs to be weighed against the inherent threats to security of the cloud environment. Such threats may impact levels ranging from the network to the applications. For that reason, secure cloud computing requires a holistic approach with strict oversight to ensure service levels are met and to reduce human error to a minimum. So whilst it may save on infrastructure and hardware, it requires effort and resources to carry out surveillance and assure its integrity. Weighing these advantages within resource limitations, how could the cloud be leveraged securely for expeditionary operations?

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