Hear the thoughts of the USAF Chief...


The Chiefs are listening; are you engaging?

This podcast is an in-depth, candid conversation about The USAF’s personnel challenges, the selection and education of leaders, as well as strategy, warfighting, and the books that have influenced the Chief of the Service.

Accessing the candid thoughts of a senior leader from your service, another service or from an allied force is a rare opportunity afforded by this podcast. General Goldfein, brings the credibility of a command pilot as well as operational experience in the Gulf War, Serbia where his F-16 was shot down.

As a member of Air Force, you are expected to engage with your chain of command, who want to know your views and drive continuous improvement. Here’s a great example

How can you engage with service chiefs? How does your voice get raised? Your opportunity exists in forums, in publishing your own thoughts in appropriate ways and in ensuring your message is raised through the chain of command.